Home Care for Braces

Check braces once a day for anything loose or bent. If a bracket or band comes loose or you break a wire, please call our office at Rockland County Office Phone Number (845) 354-7233 so that we can arrange an appointment long enough to repair it. Try to explain what has happened by using the diagram provided. Be as specific as possible with the receptionist. If you lose your rubber bands, call us so we can mail you some more or drop by the office and pick some up.

Sore Teeth

Oral Hygiene Overview

For a brief overview of oral hygiene tips, please click on the image below. It will launch our flash educational module in a separate window that may answer some of your questions about oral hygiene.

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After braces are placed in the mouth it is normal for the teeth to be sore for about 2 or 3 days when pressure is placed on the teeth. No headaches or throbbing should occur between chewing. Tylenol or Advil will help relieve this discomfort. All pressure sensitivity should be gone within 4 to 5 days after an appointmnet. Some minor initial irritation to the cheeks and tongue is normal, but should not be noticablein less than a week after braces are placed. If you feel anything sharp, poking you or any sores are developing, please call our office at Rockland County Office Phone Number (845) 354-7233 .


Attached to your braces, elastics (rubber bands) exert the proper force that creates the right amount of pressure to move teeth. In order for this force to remain constant, elastics must be worn all the time or as directed by Dr. Kastin or Dr. Newman and should be changed every day. Any time missed in wearing your elastics will only make your treatment take longer, so remember these things:

  • You are responsible for placing the elastics on your braces between appointments. Make sure to wear them as instructed. Remove them only when brushing your teeth, gums and braces after meals. Then put them back on immediately.
  • Always carry a few elastics with you, so if one breaks you can replace it right away. If your supply is low, call the office and we will mail you an additional supply of elastics.
  • If you forget to insert your elastics one day, don’t double up the next day just follow your regular instructions.
  • Elastics become worn out. When they lose their elasticity, they don’t provide the proper pressure on your teeth and jaws. It is very important to change them as directed, even when they are not broken.

If your elastics break frequently, a wire or band loosens, or a hook breaks off call our office immediately at Rockland County Office Phone Number (845) 354-7233 . Don’t wait until your next appointment. These problems need to be corrected as soon as possible!