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Kathleen Barna

July, 2017

Always an easy and pleasant experience!
Dr. Kastin is easy to talk to and clear in his information
June, 2017

Dr. Kastin is so personable and kind to his patients. He is extreme knowledge about his specialty. I would highly recommend him.

Kevin Gelok

June, 2017

I had major problems with my teeth a few years back and Dr. Kastin was always nice and friendly and informed you on what he was doing. My teethe are now amazing and healthy thanks to Dr. Kastin

Jensen Price

May, 2017

My experience was very good. Dr. Kastin is really great. I love going even after I got my braces off. I love my beautiful teeth.

Lynn V.

February, 2017

Dr. Kastin is super friendly and has always made my son feel comfortable. Went to other Orthodontists for evaluations, but knew immediately once we met Dr. Kastin…he was the one! Always a great experience and his staff is great too!

 in New York, NY | 
From beginning to end of the process Dr. Kastin was timely, respectful and nothing but professional. I would highly recommend anyone seeking Orthodontics for their children to come see his office, his staff and of course this wonderful clinician. You feel like a part of the family from beginning to end. Thank you again
in Thiells 
Dr. Kastin truly cares about his patients. He takes the time to explain all steps needed for the treatment plan. He is extremely knowledgeable and is very personable.
 in New City, NY | 
We’re just finishing our first child’s treatment with Dr. Kastin and we’re about to begin our second. The kids love him and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Dr Kastin is always looking out for our best interest and has saved us both money and treatment time. To say he is trustworthy is an…more
 in Stony Point, NY | 
My son (14) is currently a patient of Dr Kastin and my daughter was one too. All I could say is we are very satisfied with his services. Very professional, kind and the office is staff is helpful. Never a problem. Highly recommend.
Cheryl Abbot

December 2016

Dr. Kastin and his staff are fantastic. He was highly recommended by my dentist 8 years ago when my oldest son needed braces. When my youngest son needed them, I did not hesitate to go back there. He does an awesome job. He’s great with the kids and he and his staff are always very friendly.

Gregory Bricker

May, 2017

Fast and efficient, pleasant environment. Happy every time I go.

Brigid Carolan

March, 2017

Dr.Kastin is a fabulous orthodontist. Always very patient, we love how he explains what he’s doing.

Kristy Lucca

January, 2017

We love going to Dr. Kastin’s office. The office staff is always courteous and professional and Dr. Kastin is an excellent orthodontist.

Christina Carolan

January, 2017

Brigid loves Dr. KASTIN. Receptionists always professional.

Jay Sharritt

January, 2017

Amazing experience!
November, 2016
Very friendly environment. My son’s teeth look incredible! Thank you Dr. Kastin.

Tracey Caldiero

January, 2017

Great service and convenient in North Rockland

Scott Kaplan

April, 2017

Incredibly efficient and a pleasure to visit.

Max Chery

March 2017

Very helpful with the process.

Fran Piscitelli

July, 2016

We were highly recommended to Drs. Kastin & Newman by our childrens’ dentist and family members. My three children have been with them since they were 7 years old. Currently, two are out of braces with beautiful smiles…thanks to this his wonderful team. I cannot say enough about this entire practice. We all felt comfortable from our very first visit. Dr. Kastin, Dr. Newman, the reception staff, and technician team in the back, are all knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. Drs. Kastin & Newman clearly explained everything, kept us posted on progress and the steps to move forward so we were all always on the same page. Also, by far, this practice is the most efficiently run doctor/dentist office I have ever seen. There is never a wait, the kids go right in the back for their appointment, and before you know it, their coming out. I have and will continue, without hesitation, to highly recommend Dr. Kastin & Dr. Newman to anyone in need of an orthodontist.

Robert Divinagracia

August, 2015

When entering Kastin & Newman Orthodontics, I can expect a great experience relating to orthodontic care and just in general as well. Both Dr. Kastin and Dr. Newman promote a positive environment and both really care about you as an …More

Jeanne Shields

February, 2014

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Kastin and his team!

I have both my son, age 17 and daughter, age 12, being treated right now by Dr. Kastin. My son is about 6 weeks from getting his braces off and our experience at the office has been wonderful. At the start of treatment, Dr. Kastin spent plenty of time going over the proposed treatment so that we all, kids included, felt comfortable with the plan. His chairside staff have been fabulous with the kids and front desk have been a pleasure to work with as well. These factors are so important when you consider the amount of visits you will have with the office. One other thing…Dr. Kastin was “spot on” when he predicted the amount of time needed for our son’s braces. Although we knew that compliance by our son would play a big part in the accuracy of his prediction, Dr. Kastin said his braces would likely come off the summer before his senior year and this was true. Our son is so happy!

Brenae Brenner

May, 2013

As with everybody else I have nothing but good things to say about the doctors and their staff. From the very first time we met Dr. Newman to discuss my son’s (then 9) treatment I felt confident I had made the right choice in orthodontists. They are honest ,efficient, warm and kind to my son and myself as well. They staff will work with you to find good appointment times and make the appointments quick and efficient. We never have to wait past our time. My son loves the contests Dr. Kastin does on facebook too. If your child needs braces you would be crazy to go anywhere else !!!!

Mari R. via google review 5/9/13

Quality Excellent

As a 60+ year old, I was concerned about the change in the alignment of my teeth. I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Kastin at the recommendation of my dentist. From the very beginning the process was efficient and comfortable. Dr. Kastin was very informative and provided options for treatment. I am extremely pleased with the results of this treatment! Dr. Kastin and Dr. Newman are considerate in every regard. Appointments were on time, and they gave me and other patients their full attention, with clear explanations of progress. Their assistants are equally considerate and helpful. The receptionists at the front desk are also efficient and friendly. I give this orthodontic practice the highest rating! Thank you Dr.s. Kastin and Newman for giving me a perfect smile!
MaryPosted on 02/20/13 via Yahoo
We have been patients of theirs for over 8 years and they have treated 2 of our children with a 3rd starting soon. I have nothing but lovely things to say about these doctors and their staff. You are greeted either on the phone or the desk with a pleasant person always. The doctors almost always run on time and your visit is always as expected. We are very happy with the results of our first 2 so there is no doubt the third will be just as good. Please take a moment to call them and I assure you — YOU WON T BE DISAPPOINTED..
Dan F. January 28, 2012 via Facebook

My teeth look great! I started with Dr. Kastin and Dr. Newman , when it was only Dr. Newman. They are both great people and great orthodontists. Highly recommend!!

Domenic B. Posted on 6/22/12 via Google

We live in Orange but still take the time to travel to Dr Kastin in Rockland. They have been GREAT and all three of my kids give them a HUGE thumbs up. And who can complain when your kids Orthodontist is a bigger sports fan than you?
LizPosted on 02/11/12 via Yahoo
I am a Pediatric Dentist who works with many orthodontists. I chose Dr. Kastin to treat my child because I know his work is impeccable. He has not let me down. My daughter adores him and her teeth look spectacular. I can also say without reservation, that my patients who Dr. Kastin has treated, are equally as happy with him (and his staff) as I am. As a pediatric dentist AND a mother, I recommend him with the utmost confidence!
Chris Posted on 09/23/11
My children love Dr.Kastin! Kastin & Newman Orthodontics is the only place to go for braces in Rockland County period. My children love going to his office and we love their staff. They made my daughters feel at ease at their first appointments and I would advise any parent who needs an orthodontist to look no further. Go to Kastin & Newman Orthodontics!!
A Google User Posted on 9/2/11
I knew i needed an orthodontist since my daughter started loosing her front baby teeth. I brought her in to see Dr.Kastin and I instantly felt at ease at his office. The staff was great and he very thouroughly told me what was a concern and we did not have to worry about. He told me what my daughter’s problems were and what needed to be done now to prevent any immediate problems. The best part was that he did not charge me for anything, gave us great advice will watch my children for no cost until braces are necessary! Great offce and highly recommend for all families!!
A Google User Posted on 8/28/11
I found Dr. Kastin through a recommendation from a friend. Best move I ever made. I had been experiencing moderate to severe jaw pain, in large part caused by grinding my teeth at night. I had seen a few practitioners about my problem and had been fitted for a mouthguard to wear at night, but nothing seemed to ease the pain. I was a little skeptical at first when Dr. Kastin recommended a new mouthguard with different material but this did the trick. My pain and teeth grinding have since significantly improved. I can’t say enough about Dr. Kastin’s thoroughness and professionalism. Everyone in his office was friendly and accomodating, which really made me feel at ease. I would strongly recommend him for any orthodontic need you have.
Laurie P. Posted on 07/19/11
Dr. Kastin and Dr. Newman have a professional, caring and friendly practice and are excellent orthodontists. The staff is consistently pleasant and helpful; the hours are flexible and convenient. We are always welcomed to the office with a smile 🙂 My son actually looks forward to seeing Dr. Kastin! He’s made the visits fun by connecting to my son, taking an interest in him personally and maintaining an honest and open relationship with him. My son’s teeth look fantastic now and he receives many compliments on his smile; especially from family members who knew what his teeth looked like before Dr. Kastin and Dr. Newman put the braces on! I never hesitate to recommend Dr. Kastin and Dr. Newman to other families who are in need of orthdontic care. My younger son will be a patient of the practice in a few years too!
Noreen Posted on 07/13/11
Would not bring my children to another orthodontic practice. Dr. Newman and Dr. Kastin are wonderful with the children and parents. They are at the top of their field. The children are very comfortable with both doctors. They make the procedure of braces very easy. The office staff is the best. They will help in anyway they can to make the visits easier. The flexible hours are great for busy families. 3 of my children have gone to Dr. Newman and Dr. Kastin, and we have never had a bad experience. People stop and ask me who did their braces. Very pleased and can’t say enough about this wonderful medical practice. Noreen Gelok
A Google User Posted on 6/9/11
I travel an hour and half each way to Dr. Kastin’s office-the trip is well worth it! Dr. Kastin is competent and caring. His staff is accomodating. I owe my smile to him!
A Google User Posted on 5/20/11
As someone who is past her teenage years, I have been contemplating getting braces for quite some time. After meeting with Dr. Kastin and Dr. Newman, I felt completely at ease. Their understanding of my needs as an older patient was greatly appreciated. Dr. Kastin and Dr. Newman worked with me to make sure that I was comfortable with my decision after the options were laid out. The staff is also extremely helpful with the making of and rescheduling of appointments with my very hectic and busy schedule. I am very happy with my decision and am almost done!



Colleen H. January 4, 2013 at 8:51am via mobile

Love Newman/Kastin …all 4 kids went there staff is awesome also

Louise V. January 4, 2013 at 8:57am

Loved having Kastin as my daughter’s orthodontist. His office is pleasant & professional. ALWAYS taken on time….and the outcome was one beautiful smile. Also the payment plan was not earth shattering. Good Luck!

Debra M. January 4, 2013 at 9:11am

Newman is wonderful.

Dana L. January 4, 2013 at 9:49am

we use kastin/newman… LOVE them…kastin is fabulous with kids and they have been really thorough and conservative with treatment..wait and see, do this step…wait and see…etc etc…
Eileen D. January 4, 2013 at 9:53am

Kastin and Newman!!!!!!!!!!! They are AWESOME!!!

Jeanna C. January 4, 2013 at 10:24am via mobile

Kastin/Newman is who we use….love them….

Maribel M. January 4, 2013 at 11:25am

Emily just got her braces put on we use Kastin & Newman Love them!! Good luck!

Melinda S. January 4, 2013 at 12:45pm

Kastin is great We are literally in and out of his office every month in 15 minutes for adjustments. Nothing negative at all to say. Braces will be off before my son enters high school, yeah!

Sheila R. January 4, 2013 at 6:33pm

I’m bringing Gus to Dr. Newman/Kastin soon for a consult…my sisters used them for themselves and their kids

Ida M. January 4, 2013 at 7:30pm via mobile

Newman/Kastin they are great! My son and daughter use them.

Una & John M. January 7, 2013 at 8:35pm

Newman/Kastin Went for my son, Luke…Instead, I got them on again! They are great! NEVER GET RID OF THE RETAINER!

Jennifer L. January 7, 2013 at 8:38pm

Newman has done the braces for every kid in our family (including mine!) They are great.

Susan L. January 7, 2013 at 8:46pm

Newman/Kastin made my daughter’s teeth straight. very organized and professional … accommodating too!

Helen C. Posted 6/12

Two of my children have had braces from Dr. Kastin and his group. Both have left with beautiful smiles and straight teeth thanks to Dr. Kastin. His office staff is top notch and always always KID FRIENDLY….

Perian CK Posted 3/12

Very nice and honest orthodontists! I highly recommend them.

Anne Marie BM Posted 2/12

Awesome Orthodontists! As one of Dr. Newman’s patients, my teeth are still straight 30+ years later. That’s why I selected them for my son 🙂

Jennifer BK Posted 1/12

We love this practice. Appointments are easy to get and they are always on time. Orthodontists and staff are always courteous. Definitely a recommend for orthodontics!

Ida M. Posted 11/11

Great orthodontics, very nice and works with you. Office girls are great also!!!! Highly recommend!


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